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How to Get Started

Step 1: 

Print, review, and complete the appropriate QDRO New Client Packet:


Step 2: 
A copy of the Final Decree of Divorce, Property Settlement Agreement or Mediated Settlement Agreement.


Step 3: 
Copy(ies) of recent plan statement(s) for the plan(s) that will be affected. 


Step 4: 
Copies of any correspondence you have had with the plan administrator.


Step 5: 
Have the Employee Spouse complete a Release Authorization. (If possible)


Step 6: 
Send the completed New Client Packet, Decree, plan statement(s), correspondence from the plan administrator, signed release authorization, and payment (based on our fee schedule) to us in order to begin the QDRO process.


If you have any questions or you are not quite sure how to complete the forms, please contact us.