• Drafting qualified and non-qualified plan QDROs
    • Drafting military system qualifying court orders
    • Drafting state, local and federal system court orders acceptable for processing
    • Drafting language in decrees and property settlement agreements related to alimony, stock options, non-qualified deferred compensation plans and many more.

    • Administration of orders after filing, which includes transmitting the order to the Plan Administrator and follow up, redrafting, if necessary
    • Tracing separate and marital property interests in defined contribution plans
    • Economical, fixed fees (hourly for tracing)
    • Expert witness testimony regarding qualified and non-qualified plans, federal, state and local government pension systems and military systems and present value calculations for defined benefit plans.

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  • #4
    Failure to name Alternate Payee as the QPSA beneficiary.

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    The person who receives payments under an annuity.

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